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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Giveaway Celebrating "NO NUTS. NOT EVER" - Let's here it for Skeeter Snacks!

Are you familiar with Skeeter the Squirrel OR Skeeter Snacks

If you follow my blog, you should be!  This GUARANTEED NUT-FREE company was the subject of my very last blog, Skeeter Snacks - NO NUTS. NOT EVER. Music to My Ears, and my first post of the 2014 year~

Skeeter the Peanut Allergic Squirrel
In support of more allergy awareness, particularly to the most common LIFE-THREATENING food allergy, PEANUTS, I am pleased to be offering NOT one, but TWO GIFT BAG GIVEAWAYS on their behalf.  They will include: 

  • Samples of their NUT-FREE Chocolate Chip Minis and Cinnamon Grahams
  • A Skeeter tote FILLED with Skeeter merchandise
  • and a plush, Skeeter the Squirrel
Skeeter Snacks NEWEST additions from Smart Allergy~Friendly Education
Here's ALL you need to do.
I know that YOU know about this NUT-FREE product, but we need to be doing more to educate those around us.  I believe it's a small effort we can ALL make in order to possibly save lives.  Living NUT-FREE doesn't have to be as hard as some people make it, but it does take awareness of knowing what is SAFE or NOT SAFE for our allergy kids.

Here's a reminder of their fabulous SAFETY GUARANTEE:  ‘Skeeter Snacks maintains a strict allergen protocol.  All of our products are made in a dedicated nut free facility, and our ingredients are carefully selected from suppliers meeting our nut free standards. Skeeters also employs batch testing to further assure our customers that all Skeeter Snacks are nut free.”

Good luck and be sure to visit their site to learn more about where you can buy them, SKEETER STORE LOCATOR link, and visit SKEETER SNACK FOR KIDS link to learn more about Skeeter and Skeeter Games!

Here's to a company providing products to keep our NUT-FREE kids SAFE!

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  1. I liked Skeeter on FB. We are planning to share these with our playgroup friends! Donna D.


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