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"Daniella Knell and the education she offers to families has been a wonderful addition to our Baby and Me support group at Saint Alphonsus. Many families feel like they are navigating through the world of food allergies alone but will find comfort when they discover the services Daniella has to offer. She offers a wealth of information on products and is always so generous with giving out samples and coupons. When one of our families discovers they have a child with food allergies, Daniella is the first resource I recommend!"
C. Babin, Saint Alphonsus Health Educator


"When we found out our daughter had developed the milk and soy protein allergy we were told that I would have to stop breastfeeding. Breastfeeding for at least the first year was very important to our family and I was determined to make this happen even if it meant I had to eat nuts and berries for a year! The whole process seemed overwhelming until I found Daniella. She came to our home and helped us find substitutes for food we loved and taught me how to order in restaurants, cook and eat like a normal human being! Her knowledge and expertise made it possible for me to continue to breastfeed despite allergies and what the doctors told us was impossible."  Lindsay O.


What the teachers are saying: 
1. What benefit, if any, is there in offering allergy awareness classes to this group?:

2nd & 3rd Grade Presentation
* “Early awareness by non-allergic children helps keep all children safer from accidental allergy exposure of allergic children”. Preschool teacher 

* “Many benefits! Students learn what an allergy is, how to help friends with allergies, learn an allergy isn't something to make fun of”  Montessori Preschool teacher

* “Help(s) child accept his (her) allergy.” Montessori Kindergarten teacher

* “I liked the 5 steps in helping the friend with allergies. P.A.L. Students were exposed to allergies they might come across in others”. Increased awareness and sensitivity to others needs. Understanding that each has a role in keeping others healthy”    1st grade teachers

* “Children are more aware at this age of differences in others and alerting an adult if someone is ill”  2nd grade teacher

2. What was the most valuable part of this presentation?

* “Every part had value. This age group has a short attention span and being able to reinforce the idea through different media was a great approach”      Preschool teacher

Blackfoot and Me with Preschoolers
* “Video and Blackfoot. Students loved Blackfoot! You kept the student's attention – Thank You!” Montessori Preschool teacher

* “Kids learn that they can protect a life. They also see that allergies are not a terrible thing or something to make fun ofKindergarten teacher

*"Presenter's energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the topic"   1st grade teacher

* “I think the students sharing was great to show what we all have in common2nd grade teacher

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