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Do you ever find yourself having any of the following struggles?
  • Feeling 'short of support'?
  • Anxious about how to take control of the stress associated with protecting your child before it takes control of you? 
  • Overwhelmed by the lack of product information available for allergy families? Not knowing what options are available,where to find ideas or even where to buy them?
Take advantage of my 'research resources' acquired over the past seven years which will help ease your fears and anxieties.

Each one-on-one consultation is individually tailored to your specific needs at the time.  My consults are interactive, engaging AND educational. The practical advise you receive will help you to feel more in control of you and your loved one's lives.


Package details:  An initial 30 minute introductory consultation determining your particular needs; As many 60 minute one-on-one sessions as you prefer.  Based on your personal input, we will decide what will be the focus of our time together.
The list below is just a highlight of different topics we can focus on:

1.  Networking and Support
         *Local and National
2.  On-line Medical/Product Resource Review
         *Extensive Resource List available
3.  Food Options and Alternatives
        *Hidden ingredients; cooking; blogs/websites; recipes; meal-planning
4.  Creating a Toolkit to make everyday living more stress-free
          *Ideas for handling family & friends
          *Making your home allergy~friendly for all who visit
5.  Off to School Preparation
        *Partnering with schools/nurses and other families
           *504 Plans & Wellness Program Awareness
           *Ideas for transitioning into an all day school environment 
6.  Setting up Educational Classes for your Child's School
Consults available via phone, skype or in-person.

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