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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Food Allergy Blogger Conference 2014 - A Weekend of Support, Education and Advocacy

Are you looking for support managing food allergies and/or dietary restrictions?  Wanting to be MORE involved in your community?  Needing motivation and inspiration to take your passion for education and advocacy to another level? 

'A Little Bit CAN Hurt' Author, Dr. Donna DeCosta

I suggest you consider attending the 2nd Annual Food Allergy Blogger Conference  at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 26th – 28th.  What would be in it for you?  How about spending a weekend with a group of like-minded, food allergy advocates focused on making your life and your family’s life safer. 

'No Biggie Bunch' Author, Heather Mehra

Thanks to the incredibly organized efforts of Jenny Sprague, blogger of Multiple Food Allergy Help, and Homa Woodrum, blogger of Ohmahdeehness, the Inaugural Food Allergy Blogger ConferenceAKA, FABCon, came to fruition last November in Las Vegas.  I was fortunate enough to be there.  

The diversity of the speakers, lectures and participants in attendance was invigorating.  Besides bloggers, there were authors, community advocates, educators, parents and vendors from across the country.  Most impressive was Chef Keith Norman 's ability to take care of every dietary need imaginable. 

There were two tracks of lectures.  One focused on Blogging Topics, and the second focused on Disease Management.  Lectures on each track were open for all.

Here's a sampling of just a few presentations from 2013:

“The Company You Keep” – Tess Masters, The Blender Girl; Joel Warady, CMO of EnjoyLifeFoods; Annelies Zijderveld,
Community Manager from Attune Foods

FABlogCon 2013 - The Company You Keep

This panel of experts shared a variety of ideas and advice on how to successfully build lasting alliances between brands and bloggers while staying true to your blogging style.

“Honest Pay” – Alisa Fleming, owner of GoDairyFree.  

FABlogCon 2013 - Honest Pay 

  • A refreshing and and inspiring perspective on how to make money in the food allergy world. 

“Social Media” - Ritesh Patel, the Global Head of Digital.  

FABlogCon 2013 - Social Media

  • The ‘Social Media Dynamo’ presented a fast paced, invigorating 90 minutes of Social Media options and how to make them work for you. 

“Anaphylaxis” – Dr. John Lee, Pediatric Allergist, Director of FACETS Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and web developer of AllergyHomeDr. Michael Pistiner, MD MMSc, content provider for AllergyHome, co-author of Living Confidently with Food Allergies Dr. Mark Greenwald, Allergist and CMO of EpiCenter Medical;  Elizabeth Goldenberg, Onespot Allergy Blog and co-founder of EpiCenter Medical.

FABlogCon 2013 - Anaphylaxis

  • This well-educated panel reviewed and shared a variety of perspectives and tactics of managing anaphylaxis.  It was validating to realize how difficult it is to know what IS the best approach for one to take when managing the possibilities of anaphylaxis, particularly with those with known life-threatening food allergies. 

I can’t explain how freeing it was to spend a weekend with people who ‘GOT IT’.  They don’t think you’re being a helicopter mom because YOU want to read the ingredients with your own eyes.  They understand why ‘NUTS’ can be so overwhelming in your child’s presence.  They don’t question when you ask if it’s possible to wipe down a counter.  They just ‘GOT IT’.

Fellow Boise Blogger, Michelle Palin
I could go on and on.. wonderful web designers, motivating self-published and cookbook writers.. I came home knowing I am part of an incredibly passionate group of individuals.  We are all working, in our own ways, to make a difference in this ever growing food allergy world we live in.  

Now to get to work implementing some of the changes I outlined in my FABlogCon 2013 notebook~ 

Hope to see you in Vegas in September!


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