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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top Ten S.A.F.E. Allergy Blogs

December 31st, 2007 was the day I wrote my first blog for 'smartallergy'.  It has been a wonderful 4 years and I decided it was time to evaluate what entries drew the most readers. 
I was pleasantly surprised at the true variety which made it to my ALL-TIME top ten list.  

You will find:  non-food products, food-products,  a recipe and two guest blogger entries.  

Although my main focus has been highlighting product ideas for those managing egg, milk and nut allergies, you will find product ideas available for everyone, and TWO inspirational blogs from young women living their life with life-threatening food allergies!

Smart Allergy~Friendly Education's (S.A.F.E.) ALL TIME TOP TEN BLOGS

1.  Walgreens 'Benadryl' Substitute 
     A product WE can't live without! - October 4, 2011

#1 - Walgreens 'benadryl' alternative

2.  Jelly Belly Candy Corn - Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free? - October 4, 2011
     Consumer Feedback on how 'nut-free' this product is guaranteed to be.
#2 - Jelly Belly Candy Corn

3.  Ghost Poop for the Holidays - Homemade Halloween Treats - October 21, 2011
#3 - Homemade Ghost Poop
     Need I say more?  You will love this fun idea on making 'allergy~friendly' treats for your kids and their friends.  

4.  Oreo Cookies - August 3, 2011
     Chocolate? Golden?  We indulge in both!!  One of our FAVORITE milk-free, egg-free, nut-free store bought treats!  Thanks Nabisco!
#4 - Golden and Chocolate Oreos

5.  Sensible Portions Veggie Chips - January 24, 2012
    Chips we love to eat at home and share with friends.  Egg-free, milk-free and nut-free, of course.
#5 - Sensible Portions Veggie Chips

6.  Peeps Marshmallows - May 7, 2012 
     Many of these are labeled gluten-free and egg-freebut what about Dairy-Free? Well, it depends on which ones you buy!  The lavender ones made the cut for our 'dairy-free' home!
#6 - Lavender Peeps

7.  Angry Bird Fruit Gummies - June 12, 2012
     Who can live without these with young children?!  What a stupendous find for us!

#7 - Angry Birds Gummies
8.  Guest Blogger - Natalie Honodel; Living with Food Allergies- July 31, 2012
     A young woman's personal experience and pictures of the challenges of living with food allergies.   Her perspective comes from being the ONLY one of her friends with food allergies; and, how her friends react to having a friend with food allergies.  You will enjoy this honest, informative and positive entry.  

#8 & #9 - Guest Blogs
9.  Guest Blogger - Kayla Oliver-Connelly; Living with Food Allergies - May 16, 2012
     Another inspirational take on living with life-threatening food allergies.  She has a great attitude on how living with allergies is just a way of making you 'special and unique'.  

10. Milk-free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Sugar Cookies - December 5, 2011
     A yummy sugar cookie recipe to use on any occasion!

#10 - Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

Thanks to everyone for their constant support!  

A special thanks to my guest bloggers.  It looks as though I'm not the only one inspired on how our kids live their daily lives with life threatening challenges!

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