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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tips For Vacationing WITHOUT Your Food Allergic Kids

Vacationing WITHOUT 
your Food Allergic Kids?
Basic Tips which can make this possibility a reality~

S.A.F.E. Traveling Tips
Vacationing with food allergic kids can be challenging; at times, daunting. However, can you imagine going without them? Trusting others to make sure they don't eat something they shouldn't? Who will pack their lunches correctly? Who, besides you, knows where to go in case of an emergency?

Unimaginable. ALMOST... but not impossible!

Having just returned from a week long getaway WITHOUT our food allergic kids, we realized that with the right resources, there ARE others who can successfully take care of our children.  After rummaging through the very large packet of information I left for my mother-in-law, here are the resources she found the most helpful.

Our Top 4 Food Allergy MUST HAVE Resources 
  1. Emergency/Food Allergy Action Plan 
    1. Numbers for; Doctors, Allergist, Hospital, Neighbors, Close Friends
    2. Map – Outlining local streets; mark where the important places are located

    3. Copy of a Food Allergy Action Plan, such as this one from FAANwith food allergies clearly noted. Also, mark what reactions to watch for, particularly if you manage anaphylactic and non-anaphylactic reactions.
  1. SAFE Food List
    A listing of foods your child can safely consume. Include specific brand names of snacks/snack bars, candies, cereals, and pre-packaged products they eat. We include fruits and vegetables, particularly those which may not be as common in other households such as edamame and bokchoy.

  2. SAFE Places to Eat
    Favorite Restaurants and Grocery Stores. Include 'specifics' on what is safe, ie, they can have the hamburgers; you can order with the bun but kids won't eat it, no cheese and nothing on them; even better, bring your own buns, such as Rudi's Gluten Free Hamburger Buns . Sorbets; the soft option from the machine and the 'psychedelic sorbet' in the container.

     4. SAFE Cabinet
          An allergy friendly cabinet or pantry shelf. Probably one of the easiest ways to put your caretakers and your children at ease with you gone. Load up this designated 
          area with your allergy~friendly snacks!

So, get out there and start planning your own getaway, even if just for a night or two!

A huge thank you to Rudi's Gluten Free Blog for posting this very article on their website!

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