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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flatbread Community Oven - My Favorite Local Allergy~Friendly Restaurant

Eating out with milk, egg, fish and nut allergies can be challenging.  Some would say IMPOSSIBLE. For this reason, when I find a place that willingly caters to those WITH food allergies, I want to shout it out all over town!  Have milk, egg, nut, gluten allergies?  Here's a suggestion you'll want to check out~ 

The pizza sauce and regular doughs are milk/egg/nut free.  Wheat/Gluten allergies?  Just ask for the gluten-free pizza.  

Yesterday my mom took us to the Meridian location at 830 N. Main Street in Meridian.  This visit was even better than usual.  Not only did my kids have their usual wonderful time of making their own milk-free pizzas, but it was pointed out to them that they could watch their handmade pieces of art cook in Flatbread's open oven.  

Flatbread Community Oven.  Locations in Boise & Meridian, Idaho AND Bend, Oregon.

For more information, visit:  Flatbread Community Oven Pizza and Wine Bar

Their website has lots of information such as a gallery to view their many pizzas, check out their menus, buy a gift card or even make reservations.

Olives, Pepperoni and Mushrooms

Olives and Pepperoni

Their specialty is serving Neapolitan pizzas.  This means that they are serving authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) of Naples, Italy. What exactly does that mean? It means they strictly adhere to the regulations set forth not only by the VPN, but by long-standing tradition.

Kristin was our server and she was great.  As an individual in the service industry myself, I know serving those with additional questions and needs can feel a bit frustrating at times.    

  • She smiled as I double checked on the ingredients of the sauces and doughs to make sure they were still allergy~friendly for us.  
  • She made sure our order was placed correctly.  Not a speck of cheese to be found.  
  • No cheese on my side salad and dressing on the side so my kids could safely pick at it.  
  • And a small alternative plate of fruit to replace the cookie my kids can't eat.  
Now I've got to visit with adults to try out their wine bar too!

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