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Monday, June 18, 2012

Premium Chocolatiers - Awesome Allergy~Friendly Truffles and Chocolates

Just this past weekend I tasted some new chocolates which had been recommended to me several times over the past year.  They are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan.  

All I can say is, 'WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!?'

Premium Chocolatiers Review from Smart Allergy~Friendly Education
As far as allergy~friendly gourmet chocolates go, I can honestly say these are the BEST we have tried to date. 

Premium Chocolatiers, Lakewood, New Jersey.

We tried out the Signature Truffle Collection and we ALL loved them, including my husband who has no milk allergies.  I think our favorite one by far was the Raspberry Truffle (second from the left in the picture above).  

They offer a great selection of chocolates for every day enjoyment and holiday celebrations.  Be sure to visit their website, Premium Chocolatiers, to learn more about items such as Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Long Stem Chocolate Roses, the Love Frog, the White Fudge Heart Collection...

Dad loved having some gourmet truffles for Father's Day and we enjoyed joining him on devouring them!  

We had enough chocolate yesterday and are saving the chocolate bar taste testing for today.

My ONLY complaint?  There were ONLY 3 of the Raspberry truffles in the box and four of us!  Next time I'll remember NOT to comment on how good they are so I don't have to share~    

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