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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rising Moon Organics - A Vegetarian, Organic, Milk-Free/Egg-Free Ravioli that makes you ask for seconds?

One of my favorite meals as a kid was ravioli with a homemade meat sauce.  Try making that happen without milk and eggs!  I was determined to find a similar product that everyone in my home could enjoy.  The tasty results have made the search worthwhile.

ORGANIC Spinach Florentine Ravioli, distributed by Rising Moon Organics.

As stated on the packaging, this 'ravioli is made of all ORGANIC dairy-free soy ricotta, spinach, fresh garlic and spices that render animal products unnecessary'.  It is USDA Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.

Pasta ingredients include:  Organic unbleached flour, water, organic semolina flour, organic turmeric.

Filling ingredients:  Organic soy ricotta (organic soy bean fiber, purified water, corn starch, organic rice vinegar, xantham gum, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt), organic spinach, organic potato flour, water, organic garlic, organic dijon mustard, sea salt, organic lemon, organic onion, organic black pepper.

To buy on-line, locate stores nearby or to learn more about their products:

My kids love these raviolis.  And, yes, they ask for second and third helpings.  Beware, NOT all of the varieties are milk and egg free so be sure to read the labels carefully.

They are not the easiest products to find but they are worth the hunt.

Happy hunting!

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