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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wanting to Keep Your Middle School and High School Kid with Food Allergies Safe? Here a Few Helpful Resources For You and Schools

Holidays, food allergies and stress are often ALL rolled up together!

After discussions with some dear food allergy moms who have been traveling my journey with me along the way, I realized many of us are struggling to keep our middle schoolers and high schoolers safe.

Prepping for his Allergy Awareness Class - S.A.F.E. Education 

As I see more and more middle schoolers themselves struggling with issues, I can't emphasize enough to get THEM involved with school education too.  Here are just a few of my favorite resources I find helpful.  I know there are MANY more, but here's a start for those parents trying to figure out what resources are available to get more education in YOUR schools today!!

Middle School and High school resources

Allergy Adventures Series - Part 1Allergy Adventures 4 part series.  Love this series for 5th/6th graders!

Allergy Adventures Series - Sharing in the Classrooms - S.A.F.E. Education

FAACT Curricula -FAACT Educational Curricula separated into grades K-e, grades 4 – 8, and high school.  Have been using the early elementary and middle school one for years!  As I just have a freshmen in high school now, I will be referencing and sharing this resource with her high school.

"First Kiss" PSAAnaphylaxis Canada “First Kiss” PSA Allergy Bullying: It’s Not a Joke PSA – from FARE

Food Allergy Tips for Coaches and Activity Leaders –  This sheet is just a general overview of managing food allergies but an easy hand-out to give to coaches.  I have found in our high school there are quite a few coaches who don't work at our high school during the day.  With this in mind, making sure they have some allergy education and awareness is important.  

Food Allergies and DatingFood Allergies and Dating – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

*The following two would be great together, both staring Chef Ming Tsai, who also manages food allergies in his personal world.  

E.A.T. PSA with Chef Ming Tsai – E.A.T. PSA – One minute PSA staring Chef Ming Tsai; impactful, especially once you realize what he’s doing to gain awareness

Simply Ming - Food Allergies 101 – Simply Ming: Food Allergies 101; Chef Ming Tsai gives us the basics on food allergies

There's NO time like the present to get the education ball rolling! 


  1. My nephew is extremely allergic to milk protein. It never, ever occurred to him that HIS restriction should be imposed on others; he just chose his food carefully and resigned himself to plain sorbets for desserts at restaurants.

    As for myself, I'm not likely to patronize Next Door. I like a good, whole-grained bread with my meal. I like shellfish, and plan to eat as much as I can before I become allergic (a tendency in my family, usually hitting around age 60).

    I'm very sympathetic to those who have real allergies and correctly-diagnosed intolerances. Food-allergy education is essential in restaurants, and its lack caused a lot of trouble for my husband when he was alive. But restricting the rest of us? Well, I guess it's ok for just one or two restaurants, but I hope the trend doesn't spread.

    C Lorenzo
    academic writer

    1. Your nephew has what I consider to be a very mature attitude towards his allergies. There aren't enough people, in my opinion, who take this responsibility on themselves. At the same time, I agree that more education needs to be available for everyone, including at restaurants. Personally, I hope the trend does continue to raise awareness at restaurants allowing for more options for everyone. Not really sure what you mean when you state 'restricting the rest of us' as I don't see that happening out in the restaurant world. I see quite the opposite - as more restaurants become more allergy friendly savvy, there are fewer restrictions for those already living in an often highly restricted world. I hope it continues.


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