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Monday, November 28, 2016

Food Allergies, Flying and a Few Flight Attendant Travel Prep Tips

Make Your Holiday Travels Easier With Some Prep! My original article was posted via SunButter some time ago.  Now that's it no longer available, I thought it was the perfect time to share again via my personal blog.

DON'T let traveling over the holidays with food allergies overwhelm you.  With a little forethought and preparation, those around you will be asking to share YOUR treats.


Whether traveling by car, plane or train, DON’T leave home without it.  You may look and feel like a pack mule, but you’ll be glad you have your own allergy~friendly snacks right by your side.

Our supply generally consists of fruits, veggies, crackers and our favorite egg-free, dairy-free, tree-nut free and peanut-free snacks.  As we head out on a four hour road trip, I have SunButter On-The-Go Single Cups and my own homemade SunButter Protein Bars protein bars in easy reach!

Do NOT worry about being an imposition.  ONLY YOU, and YOU ALONE are responsible for your safety.  Here are a few helpful suggestions.

  •     Bring your epinephrine and Benadryl with you.  And KEEP IT WITH YOU.  It won’t do you any good in the belly of the plane in your checked luggage IF you have a reaction during flight.         
  •     Research your particular airline’s peanut policy.  Make a copy of it and carry it with you.  Knowledge is power and sometimes even employees are unaware of their company’s policies.  In my 26th year of being a flight attendant, I’m well aware that we are NOT always on the same page. 
  •        Ask the reservation agents to ADD your peanut allergy to your reservation
  •     Double Check with the gate agents when boarding.  Ensure your ‘peanut allergy’ information is in your reservation.  If traveling with young kids, ask if it’s possible to board early so you can wipe down your seating area.  Wipe down the traytables and armrests.  Bring your own blanket to place over the seat, if this makes you feel safer.
  •         Remind the flight attendants about your peanut allergy when you board.  Remember, they have many people to take care of and your particular needs may slip their focus.  Most flight attendants are well aware of their policies, and if they’re not, you can share it with them.

You can now relax and enjoy your holiday travel with a little more calmness and confidence. 

Happy Holidays and Safe Flying!

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