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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Allergy Product Awareness Class for Community Nurses - THANKS for everyone's support!

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of presenting to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Faith Community Nurses.  As contacts in each of their faith communities, they have one-on-one contact with hundreds, maybe thousands, of individuals in their parishes who are in need of medical advice or guidance.

Without a doubt, this group of nurses understands well the physiological and systemic implications for those handling allergies.  My presentation focused on how they, the nurses, could better help families beyond just understanding the basics of food allergies.

If they could help allergy families figure out what is their most important, current NEED, then they, the nurses, could help better guide the families to what RESOURCES are available for them.  This was the very topic of one of my most recent blogs, Stressed About Navigating Food Allergies.

I can't thank the group enough for their involved discussions and feedback.

I also want to thank my supporters.  Through their generous donations, I am able to expose my audiences to companies, locally and nationally, which are focused on continually offering options to those managing food allergies on a daily basis.  For many, this is their first time realizing how many products there truly are available.


As I told this group, finding out information about food allergies is fairly easy.  Understanding the Products and Resources available is what challenges so many of us living in the allergy world!  

Thanks to everyone for all you do to better educate our communities. 

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