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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ol' Farmers Kettle Korn - Allergy~Friendly Kettle Korn made fresh in Boise

Looking for an easy snack to go with the Friday night movie?  How about a little something different for guests coming in?  They'll like it so much they'll probably want a bag for the road!

S.A.F.E. Product Review - Ol' Farmers Kettle Korn, Pert'ner Perfect

Ol' Farmers Kettle Korn, Pert'ner Perfect is locally made and sold in area Albertson's.  It is milk, egg, gluten, nut and tree nut free.  You will rarely find hard kernels, is reasonably priced and tastes great. 

Ingredients include:  soybean/canola oil, sugar, salt, popcorn.

However, you CAN'T find it on the shelves beside the other boxed popcorns!  You have to catch Gary Lowber, the Owner, when he's got his 'Kettle Korn' tent up set up right outside the store.  He'll be making it fresh and bagging it as you enjoy the enticing smells of freshly made popcorn.

Gary moves weekly between 4 Albertson stores.  They include the following:
1 - Albertson's on Eagle and State
2 - Albertson's on Eagle and McMillan
3 - Albertson's on 10 Mile and Cherry
4 - Albertson's on 12th and Greenhurst in Nampa

How do you find out where he is?  No websites, no e-mail... just a phone number to track down his weekly location.  To find exactly where he will be, you call the following number:  (208) 467-7135.  There is a pre-recorded message letting you know his current location.

You can find him this week at Eagle and McMillan.  Monday through Wednesday of next week, you can find him at his Nampa location.  Then he plans on taking off a few days for the holidays.

Need a little more incentive?  He has a punchcard that allows you to get one small bag FREE with every 10 bags purchased.  If you drop by to check him out, let him know you heard about him from here.  He'll be pleased to know his business has finally hit the internet even if he hasn't. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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