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Monday, October 25, 2010

Milk/Egg/Nut/Soy free icing for Holiday Treats

I have recently been given the personal challenge of trying to come up with more recipes that are also SOY FREE.  With Halloween right around the corner and many cookies and cakes to be made in the upcoming months, my first venture was to come up with a yummy icing.

I think I did it.  It will be going on the many dozens of mini-cupcakes I will be making for multiple Halloween parties and one birthday celebration during the next week.

Here it is.

4 C of confectioners sugar
4 t maple syrup
5 - 6 t water
1 t vanilla (lemon extract)
grated rind of one cutie tangerine (adds a little flavor and a little orange coloring for the holidays)

Mix together.  Add water to desired consistency.  It tastes like the orange icing that comes with prepackaged cinnamon buns.  Adults love it.  Kids...questionable!

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