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Friday, December 30, 2016

Delta Air Lines Peanut Policy - At Your Fingertips

Here it is December 2016 and #foodallergies and #airlines are AGAIN all over the news.  My very simple focus in this blog is to quickly put my favorite airline's policy at your fingertips.  

Voila ! Delta Air Lines - Traveling with Disabilities - Special Concerns - Peanut Allergy 

At your fingertips! YES, it is this specific.  NO, it may NOT be as inclusive as you'd like, but it's a heck of lot better than some.

Smart Allergy Friendly Education - Delta Peanut Policy

As a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines for 20+ years, and having a son who is allergic to dairy, eggs, kiwi, fish, shellfish and ANA to ALL nuts.  No, my son is not airborne allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, but we ALL take traveling with multiple allergens seriously.   

Being in the airline industry, my kids have been flying since they were 3 months old.  We LOVE it.  We wipe down the tray-table area and carry our own snacks - and LOTS of them.  I'm too aware of the possibilities of reroutes or delays.

My reminder today is to NOT allow yourself to be surprised by an airline's peanut/food allergy policy.  They are ALL available on line.  No matter what airline you prefer to travel on, print up a copy of their policy and carry it with you.   Yes, the employees SHOULD know the policy.  Unfortunately, not everyone does.

Here's Delta's info from their 'Travel with Disabilities - Special Concerns - Peanut Allergy' page:  

And I remind everyone, as a flight attendant myself, please be patient with the flight attendants if they accidentally starting serving peanuts.  Especially during busy travel times.  
When we are helping hundreds of people daily, we can forget about YOUR particular needs.  I understand and live in your scary world - and EVEN I forget sometimes.   A kindly reminder works wonders.    

And, PLEASE, remember to be accountable for your OWN needs.  Bring your benadryl, epipens and wipes to clean everything down.  And remember, the airlines can ONLY do so much.  They can announce a PEANUT-FREE flight, but they can't stop the passengers from bringing on their favorite treats and eating them too.

In 2013 I posted the following post - Delta Air Lines Peanut Policy - June 2013.  This one focused on the #peanutallergy aspect of flying.  In the past few years, I have met many others who have life-threatening allergies and worry about flying ... TREE NUTS, MILK, WHEAT.. and more.  

My hope for 2017?  That we remember that ALL allergens can be life-threatening, and that we are more compassionate to everyone flying with life threatening allergies .. NOT JUST PEANUTS.    

As my son so eloquently stated, "If you're NOT traveling, you're NOT really living!"  Couldn't have said it better myself.

Happy Travels and Safe Flying to you all!


  1. It definitely pays to be proactive. We've learned that when we ask about peanuts in a restaurant, when the server says, "Oh, I have no idea," I ask them if they could ask the chef. I do appreciate businesses who get it, and help us in precaution, but I also realize what jobs they have that are out of the scope of helping just us!

    1. So very true. We have to be our own advocates and realize that NOT everyone gets it. If they don't, it's time to change businesses.


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