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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So Delicious - Making Allergy Awareness Fun for My Allergy Kids

What better time to remind everyone that allergy awareness can be fun, educating and entertaining than during Food Allergy Awareness Week 2016!

Today I want to give a HUGE shout out to So Delicious Dairy Free and their amazing products which continuously keep my food allergy kids included and smiling.

@smartallergy So Delicious Ice Cream Party

A few months ago I happened to have won an ice cream party for my kids by participating in a on-line Twitter party presented by fellow blogger and advocate, Cheryl Viirand, founder and CEO of Freedible

My goal for this party was EDUCATION.. FUN and COMPLETE INCLUSION.  My daughter is allergic to dairy and some tree nuts.  My son also is dairy-free, AS WELL AS egg-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, fish-free and FREE of a few other foods.  

I put up 7 different papers with the name of the 7 different So Delicious Ice Creams I had to share.  They then voted for THEIR favorite. 

2nd Place - So Delicious Coconut Mint Chocolate Chip
WINNER!! - So Delicious Cookie Dough

So-Delicious Ice Cream Party - @smartallergy 

ALL GOALS were met!  FUN was had by ALL.  ALL were INCLUDED.  And the best part was that many of her classmates realized that DAIRY-FREE wasn't so bad after all!  

Seconds were had by many!! 

This is just another reminder that food allergies doesn't mean you can't do something or NOT include people.. It just means you may have to 'think outside the box'.. or the ice cream container!!


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