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Monday, March 16, 2015 - Shop From Home for Your Family's Natural, Organic and Allergy~Friendly Needs

At the 2014 Food Allergy Blogger's Conference  I had the pleasure of meeting representatives from Vine Market, an on-line market which caters to those shopping for natural, organic and allergy~friendly foods.  
S.A.F.E. Resource Review of Vine Market

Remember the days when you could JUST saunter around the supermarket or specialty store and see what NEW products you'd like to try out?  Ha!  Juggling a dual working household, school and sports doesn't allow for much 'browsing' time these days. is an amazing resource which allows you to check out 1,000's of natural, organic and allergy~friendly  items from the comfort of your own home AND at the hours which are convenient for you.  NO long lines.  Imagine, midnight runs from your home computer~  

For more information, contact:  Vine Market Help Center  OR 1-888-202-8463

Peanut-free.  Gluten-free.  Dairy-free.  Health and Beauty.  Household.  Baby and Toddler.  Breakfast. AND many more categories... You can find options for just about anything you need.  

This may be THE resource you have been looking for to lighten your load.  

  • A selection of thousands of natural and organic foods
  • LIGHTNING FAST 1 to 2 day delivery (FREE on orders over $49)
  • Clearly defined filters for allergens and special diets
  • Easy shopping filters for special diets
  • 20% OFF FIRST TIME Orders
  • 10% OFF next two consecutive months of orders 

Enjoy browsing and shopping again on YOUR OWN time schedule and when it's convenient for you~  

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