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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rice Dream - Caution! When 'NON-DAIRY' doesn't mean DAIRY-FREE

Why does a company BOLDLY label their product as 'NON-DAIRY' then have in small print in the back "Due to shared equipment, carob contains traces of milk."  DUH! Obviously, then, it's NOT NON-DAIRY.  Now you really expect me to believe the Mint Carob Chip is 'ALL NATURAL' too??


Yes, I bought it and brought it home for my milk allergic kids.  Yes, I read the label again before giving it to them, thank goodness.  Yes, I want all of my followers to be aware of this blatant, irresponsible labeling so they don't waste their money doing the same thing.

Smart Allergy~Friendly Product Review - Creative Photography by M. Knell

To date, I have been a fan of products from the Hain-Celestial Group.  Not so much now.  I don't understand why they think this labeling on the Mint Carob Chip is at all acceptable.  It is downright irresponsible. And, dangerous~

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