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Thursday, January 23, 2014

APPS for Finding Ingredient Lists Makes Food Allergy Shopping Easier

Looking for 'APPS' to make searching ingredient lists for your food allergy shopping easier?  Below is a list of just a FEW of the options available.

MyFoodFacts - FREE.  Personalize for your food allergens.  Scanning the barcode shows: alerts if product contains any potential allergens or allergen derivatives; ingredients list; sort ingredients alphabetically or by quantity size.  Lists GMOs and additives too.

SafeEats by RareWire - FREE.  Personalize for your food allergens.  Scanning the barcode shows:  ingredient information; alerts for your particular potential risks; easy determination if the food is safe to eat.

The following suggestion comes directly from one of my fellow food allergy moms.  She likes the fact that the natural and artificial ingredients are often indicated.  It isn't a 'food allergy app' but certainly can be used as one.  She doesn't shop without it.  This particular APP scans the barcode on a product and gives you a ton of information.  Thanks Amber G!

RedLaser - FREE.  Scanning the barcode shows:  'Allergens' and ingredient information; comparative shopping prices; nutrition facts; where to purchase on-line or locally.  Lists natural and artificial ingredients too.

Life Cafe Healthy Pantry - $4.99 via iTunes.  This video shows how to easily use this APP.  Personalize for your food allergens.  Scanning the barcode shows: ingredient information; color coding markers indicating when it's generally safe to eat an item, when to eat with caution and when to avoid; also presents a list of healthier options.

I know there are many more APPS out there!  Each of these are similar but have different attributes which I know will appeal to different needs.  I hope you will let me know which ones you prefer or recommend.

Here's to SAFER shopping!

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