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Friday, November 8, 2013

Offering 'THANKS' to Those Who Make Our Food Allergy World Easier

The Food Allergy Blogger's Conference I attended last weekend has impacted me profoundly in many ways, more of which I will share in another blog.  However, today, as I sit on airplane heading thousands of miles away from home and leaving my food allergy kids behind, I want to say:


S.A.F.E. Inspiration!

THANK YOU to those school family's who GET my kid's food allergies.  Those calls about parties, treats and last second celebrations are MUCH appreciated.

THANK YOU to the Girls Basketball families for so graciously adjusting our rendez-vous spot after their last game yesterday, ESPECIALLY since it took much longer than anticipated.  I can't thank you enough for going to a place where ALL the kids could enjoy the ice cream, even those with lactose-intolerance and dairy allergies.

THANK YOU to Karen at Sub Zero - Boise for accommodating our last second crowd!!  You were magnificent!!  Peanut allergies?  Dairy allergies?  NO WORRIES!  She took great care of us all.

THANK YOU to my son's Basketball families for ensuring snacks are brought which he and his best friend, both with severe peanut allergies, can eat.

THANK YOU to Nancy K in our school cafeteria for Pizza Day on Fridays!  She always orders an extra cheese-free pizza for our dairy-free, nut-free kids from Papa Murphy's on Fairview!  Talk about feeling 'NORMAL' for a day!  My kids LOVE joining their friends in the lunchline on Pizza Fridays!!

THANK YOU to the teachers and staff who help keep my children safe at school when I can't be there.

I am always saddened to hear the difficult journeys so many travel while managing food allergies.  Ours have not been easy, but I know we are very fortunate with the community we have around us.  So many of us food allergy families get caught up, myself included, in focusing on those who DON'T GET IT. 

To those who do,  

I can't THANK YOU all enough~