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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heart Filled Holidays and Sandy Fowler

Sandy Fowler
Sandy Fowler - Heart Filled Holidays
As a woman working hard to de-stress my life, Sandy Fowler's encouraging and uplifting LIVE internet radio show, Heart Filled Holidays , is a much appreciated break to my Monday mornings!  The taped podcasts are a life saver for those days I can't listen to her live.  

This past Monday I had the pleasure of joining her as we talked about FUN with Food Allergies.   Our VERY fast paced discussion (hope everyone can keep up with us fast talkers!) touched on 
various ideas such as:

  • Better preparing children for school parties and entertaining with friends 
  • Communicating and NOT worrying about being an imposition
  • The true benefits of sometimes being able to have food in the classroom for celebrations and special occasions 
I touched on my personal philosophy that rather than preparing for 'IF' something happens, I am more concerned with knowing that I or anyone else in charge of my children will know what to do 'WHEN' something happens.  As one listener commented, 'kind of like having a disaster prevention' plan in order.  This made me laugh, but, yes, that is the idea.

Fun with Food Allergies - MP3 link
FUN with Food Allergies - Description, Bio and Link
FUN with Food Allergies iTunes Link

Sandy's focus is sharing ideas, thoughts and insights for bringing more joy and meaning into your life.  Every Monday at 12 NOON, EST, she presents us with a different expert who shares their individual tips and tricks anyone can use to better enjoy your holidays and every day events.  

Are you looking to surround yourself with a little more happiness in your every day life?   

Then be sure to stop by and visit this amazingly motivating wife, mom and business owner, Sandy Fowler, on Heart Filled Holidays, Mondays at 12pm, EST!  She can also be followed on Facebooktwitter, and Pinterest (and WHAT an amazing page she has!).

Thanks Sandy, for a wonderful visit!

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