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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Raising Allergy Awareness Made Fun with Local and National Support

On Thursday, January 19th, the Stevens Henager College had a health fair at their Boise campus. I was thrilled to be invited to join Kelly Fletcher, our local FAAN representative, at an Allergy Awareness booth.    

What a fun and enjoyable way to help raise awareness.  It was made even easier with the support of some national supporters! 

First of all, thanks to the national FAAN organization for all of the brochures and wonderful information they sent for us to have available. 
Enjoy Life sent many samples which we had a great time handing out.  We had crunchy chocolate chip cookies, crunchy double chocolate chip cookies, and Cocoa Loco Bars, and NOT NUTS  seed and fruit trail mix.  Some people were hesitant to try some of the items so I put them in a box and walked around to all of the booths.  Who can refuse free items?!  The NOT-NUTS trail mix was a HUGE hit!  Seconds were often asked about. 

Home Free Treats provided mini vanilla Gluten-Free cookies.  We had some available for sampling at our table! We also had samples from WowButter, a wonderful alternative for peanut butter.

Kelly and I laughed at how how many people commented on 'how good these really are!', referring to all of the samplings available.  I think people are always impressed that allergy~friendly products can truly be so tasty!  

We were also pleased to offer coupons from SunButter, and Rudi's Bakery!

Our fun bag giveaway was sponsored by Enjoy Life.  Here are some pics of two of our five winners!  It's great to have winners who can really use and appreciate these items!  Jackie's grandchildren are going to be thrilled and Debra is happy to have some new items to try out in her allergy home too.

Jackie Rule and Kelly Fletcher
Myself, Debra Woodworth and Kelly
All of the bags included additional samples and coupons from ALL of our sponsors along with their company brochures and some business cards from Jake's Gluten-Free Store, Sun Flour Mills and Mad Alex Products.

Thanks to all of our national and local sponsors for helping us to make raising allergy awareness such a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!!

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