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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'THANK YOU' to the Smart Allergy~Friendly Education and A Gift of Miles supporters

On Saturday, November 12th, Kristin Beltaos with A Gift of Miles and I celebrated the completion of our 3rd national telephone workshop for the 2011 calendar year. 

As two individuals passionate about allergy awareness and education, little did we realize how willing others would be to share our efforts via linked in, twitter and facebook. 

I want to personally thank the support received from many personal and business connections.   

A HUGE 'thank you' goes to the local and national companies who supported our efforts through sponsoring giveaways during the 6 weeks prior to the workshop itself.  Enjoy Life even added a large gift giveaway for one of our workshop participants.  All of the following supporters provide allergy~friendly products we both used and/or applaud. 

The exposure and success of this workshop is in large part due to the following businesses:
Many of our fans were thrilled to be able to try out products they had never purchased before.  It is with events such as these which help make living with food allergies or any dietary restrictions more enjoyable.  

My final, heartfelt 'thank you' goes out to my dear friend and colleague, Kristin Beltaos.  Thanks for not giving up on me after one phone call!  You are an incredible mentor, unfatigueable worker (ie, slave driver!), and constant source of encouragement and support.

Can you imagine the Griswold vacation these two allergy moms and their clan of allergy kids would have together? I can only wish for that much laughter ahead of us!!

We look forward to starting up our series again in the new year!

Until then, remember to LIVE LIFE FULLY and don't let having allergies hold you back.  Enjoy the fun in discovering new products which will make your day to day living easier!


  1. My dear, dear friend. Thank you as well for the wonderful nights on the phone supporting, encouraging and most of all, laughing with one another.

    I look forward to developing more and more workshops together for our local and national use.

    And, Cousin Eddie says it best...friendship is the gift that keeps on giving!

    To all of Daniella's followers, peace, joy and most of all laughter to you and yours this holiday season.


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