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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Living with Food Allergies - Doing my part to help my kids take the 'NO BIGGIE' Approach

Preschool.. Back to school.. parties.. holidays... SOO  many reasons to be afraid of living with food allergies.  SOO many opportunities to raise awareness.

Kindergarteners - October 2014

Last week I was back in the classroom offering allergy awareness classes to two groups of kindergarteners.  I LOVE working with these age groups because we have SO much to learn from them.  They were open, caring and wanting to take care of their peers.  They are not yet afraid.  They speak back to the video as if Alexander the Elephant is truly speaking to them.  

Alexander the Elephant and his Mom

It's refreshing.  Encouraging.  And, Enlightening.

These kids SOAK up the information.. the education... the opportunity to learn more to protect their friends.  They don't feel put upon.  They are still tolerant and NOT judgmental.

We have A LOT to learn from these kids.

As the 'NO BIGGIE BUNCH' highlight in their Trade or Treat  book, managing food allergies REALLY is about the 'twist' you put on your challenges.  The NO BIGGIE BUNCH kids enjoy the fun of trick or treating, and look forward to trading their loot in for something that means more to them. 

FUN Food Allergy Educational Materials - the NO BIGGIE BUNCH & ALEXANDER THE ELEPHANT 

Don't get me wrong.  I have a son with a life-threatening food allergy and it scares me to death.  I have to work on NOT letting it paralyze me.  At the same time, I don't want him growing up in a bubble, afraid to even be near a peanut.  

As Kristen Kauke, LCSW, stated at the recent Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas, "the brain can learn to fear - and unfear."

Here's to taking a 'NO BIGGIE BUNCH' approach to the holidays.. understanding our challenges, but putting a positive twist on living with them!

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  1. I think I'm going to have to look up the No Biggie Bunch. I've been living with food allergies since 1985 and generally don't think of them as that big of a deal--this is my normal and always has been. My kids now have allergies, and I'm doing my best to impart constant vigilance with nonchalance. And I worry, not just about my kids but about other kids as well, that they may live their lives in a fear that is far greater than the actual threat. Without even reading it yet, the title of that book sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the great resource suggestion!


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