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Friday, August 1, 2014

Julia's Special Cupcakes - A New Food Allergy Book Available in E-book Format

Monica Martinez, author of Julia's Special Cupcakes, recently reached out to me to see if I would review her newly published e-book.  Always looking to expand my food allergy children's book library, I was pleased I could download it on my kindle and read it as we headed out on our camping getaway~

S.A.F.E. Book Review

I think this food allergy story would be a fun addition for anyone having pre-school and early elementary aged children.  It's simply written, easy to understand and has colorful artwork.  What I appreciate the most is how it is pointed out that children with food allergies can still enjoy the same treats as every other kid AND have FUN doing it!

Just like the mom in this book, we manage milk, eggs and peanut allergies in our home, I asked both of my kids, ages 8 and 11, for their thoughts.  They thought it was easy to understand and enjoyed the artwork.  They also enjoyed the fact they could easily read Julia's Special Cupcakes on the road.

Their one concern was that there may be a little confusion for those NOT living with food allergies about what HAVING food allergies really means.  In the story, Julia mentions that she 'has food allergies and that means I can't eat milk, eggs or peanuts'.   My kids wanted to make clear that having food allergies doesn't mean ONLY being allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts.  One can be allergic to ONE or MANY allergens~  For two kids dealing with different but multiple allergies, I thought this was a perceptive catch.

Don't miss the great offer on Amazon to get your copy of Julia's Special Cupcakes~

You can also follow Monica's on her blog, Life Without Milk, Eggs and Peanuts and/or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

And did you know you can get your own copy of the the Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe on the back page from Linda Coss?  Her books have just recently been made available in e-book form too - Cookbooks from Linda Coss.  This is almost identical to my mom's Wacky Cake recipe we made regularly as kids!

As I tell my kids regularly, we CAN eat the same things as everyone else. We just use different ingredients! AND, we make it a point to always have fun doing it! 

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