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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Mom Managing Food Allergies? Join Me at the 'Baby and Me Support Group' August 12th!

Are you sensing it's something a BIT more than colic with your newborn?   Is he/she crying for hours on end at certain times of the day?  Especially after nursing?  Scratching their scalp till it's raw? Tired of hearing everyone's ideas and suggestions, especially since they ARE NOT working?  Maybe it is simply that your newborn has food allergies.  

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 'Baby and Me' Class - Resources for Food Allergies

BEEN THERE.  As a mom of 2 managing 6 of the top food allergens PLUS a few extra, as well as animal, medicinal and seasonal allergies, my GOAL is to make life easier for other food allergy parents.  I know that simple resources such as: ingredient alternatives; places to shop and SAFE product ideas can be life changing information for many.

S.A.F.E. Product Resource Ideas

Join me on August 12th as we discuss 'RESOURCES FOR FOOD ALLERGIES' at the Saint Alphonsus 'Baby and Me Support Group' meeting.  

  • St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
  • 900 N. Liberty Suite 100, Boise - 83704
  • Tuesday, August 12th, 10:00am - 11:00a

S.A.F.E Food Allergy Labels

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