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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First EVER Food Allergy Bloggers Conference - Nov 2 - 4th in Vegas! ALL INVITED

Three weeks from tonight I imagine I will be coming down from the ultimate Food Allergy Bloggers' High!  I will have just spent 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas, surrounded by like minded authors, doctors, nurses, public speakers and BLOGGERS at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference

Jenny Sprague, writer of Multiple Food Allergy Help, has spent two years pondering, dreaming and visualizing what a conference would look like for those dedicated to blogging about food allergies. 

With the assistance of yet another incredibly focused food allergy mom, Homa Woodrum, writer of Oh Mah Deehness, these ladies are turning this dream into a reality!

These women have pulled off gathering some of the biggest names in the food allergy community for one fabulous weekend event.  

The weekend begins with the LAS Vegas FARE Walk on Saturday morning, November 2nd at The District Green Valley Ranch.The Food Allergy Blogger Conf FARE Walk Team will be registering between 8:30 and 9:30am.  The walk begins at 10am.

Saturday evening includes a Meet and Greet Social event to welcome and introduce sponsors and vendors, and some time for everyone to just relax and visit.  I can't even name them all but they include well-know companies such as Sanofi, Mylan, FARE, Allergic Living, SunButter, HomeFree, the NO Biggie Bunch, Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates and Skeeter Snacks!  So many companies I have blogged about ALL in one place!  I am going to be like a kid in a candy shop!!

And THAT is just the first evening!

The agenda for November 3rd, FABCon Agendaincludes a full day of panel lectures from an incredible melee of speakers such as:

  • Colette Martin, author and baker, from Learning to Eat Allergy Free
  • Joel D. Warady, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Enjoy Life ; 
  • Dr. Paul M. Ehrlich, partner in Allergy and Asthma Associates of Murray Hill, co-founder and blogger of AsthmaAllergiesChildren ; 
  • Ritesh Patel, a parent of a food allergic child and Global Head of Digital leading the development of on-line educational portal for allergic asthma; 
  • Elizabeth Goldberg of One Spot Allergy blog, allergy safety expert, lawyer and co-founder of EpiCenter Medical
  • Linda Mitchell, founder and Senior Director of Kids with Food Allergies
  • Mary Fran Wiley, award winning designer and blogger from Chicago. At Frannycakes she writes about "Finding health and happiness in the gluten-free kitchen";  
  • Alisa Fleming,founder of the largest dairy-free website Go Dairy Free, writer and columnist for Allergic Living; 
  • Nona Narvaez, founder of the Anaphylaxis and food Allergy Association of Minnesota; and  
  • Anne F. Russell, BSN, RN, AE-C, certified asthma educator by NAECB board examination and food allergy writer for Association of Asthma Educators
The evening will be topped off with a Wine and Sign Cocktail Party which I can't wait to attend!

Monday, November 4th will also include lectures throughout the day, lunch, keynote lecture and an ending group discussion on "Filling the Gaps" - How do you support one another? What do you wish existed that doesn't?.. and can we work to create it?

It is NOT too late to attend this event!  It is OPEN to the public!  The sponsors.. the vendors.. and the unbelievable resources and excitement of mixing with so many of us living, breathing and passionate about living happily in the food allergy world!

I hope to see you there!  Be sure to stop by the  Smart Allergy~Friendly Education table and say hello!


  1. Hi Daniella,
    You captured our shared enthusiasm perfectly! So looking forward to meeting you and all these amazing people. Take care.

    1. Elizabeth... Thanks! Can't wait to meet in person in just a few weeks.


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