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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Silk Consumer Feedback RE: Allergy Control Protocol

I just posted a blog about a Silk product, Silk Coconut Milk.  

I have received feedback from readers regarding their concern with this company's allergen control protocol.  Although this response is directed at a Soymilk inquiry, I believe their processes stand true for the handling of all of their products.

Here is a personal response I received to my personal inquiry with the company itself.  As a parent of children with multiple allergies, including anaphylaxis to nuts, I truly appreciate the time which was taken to address my concerns.

Between this and the link to their 'allergies, dietary restrictions and safety' FAQs page, I hope this will help others make better educated decisions for their family's needs.  

Thank you for contacting us about Silk® Soymilk.We take allergenic food concerns seriously, and have instituted allergen control programs at each facility manufacturing the Silk Pure Almond and Soymilk products. Our allergen control programs consist of several components, designed to comprehensively address allergenic food concerns at multiple points of production. Examples of this program include the following:

1. Supplier control – each ingredient used in production goes through steps to ensure quality and purity.

2. Cleaning procedures – validated procedures to ensure effective clean and rinse is accomplished after each production run.

3. Allergen-free product testing – testing in-process and finished product at frequent intervals to ensure safety.

4. Storage/warehouse – allergen status labeling and isolation of ingredients to ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

5. Production scheduling - scheduling of product runs are done in a manner that ensures allergen-containing products are run only after non-allergen containing products, protecting the immediate subsequent product from contamination risk.

Food safety is our highest priority and as part of our commitment to quality, all employees involved in the manufacturing of Silk have a comprehensive awareness of food allergen concerns.
We hope this information is helpful.Sincerely,
Reyna Rivera
Consumer Response Representative

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