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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Fun with Food Alternatives~

Our Advent Christmas Tree filled
with homemade chocolates
As we find ourselves in the full swing of the holiday spirit, do you find yourself stressing about how you’re going to cope with family and friends while trying to avoid ‘whatever’ it is you shouldn’t be eating?  Anyone getting ready to go into social lock-down and seclusion?
This year, I challenge you to embrace the holidays with excitement and joy.
It sounds much more daunting than it truly is!
TAKE CHARGE and have the celebrations at your home.  
Invite whomever you want.  Step outside of your comfort zone and invite your other friends with food allergies and/or food restrictions.  Turn your allergy home into an environment of acceptance rather than one of fear.  Make this year’s festivities challenging by asking friends and family to discover new recipes and share!
No bread for the wheat and gluten-free? As a Rudi’s Gluten Free and Organic Bakery fan, you already know how easy it is to come up with casseroles, sides dishes and great tasting bread options.
Milk, egg and/or nut free?  Plenty of options available!  There is soy/almond/coconut and even hemp milk for cow’s milk.  Use flax seed, gelatin or a combination of oil/water and baking powder for egg replacers.  How about some soybutter or sunflower butter?
Adding in a vegetarian or two?  Bring it on.  Those Tofurkey burgers really are pretty tasty!
Embrace the challenges and have fun with them.  Plan Ahead.  Take the time to do some research and find out what alternatives ARE available.
STOP focusing on what people can’t haveSTART HAVING FUN figuring out what products and resources are out there and enjoy cooking together again!
Happy Holidays and may this season be the beginning of some new, lifelong traditions!

Thank you to Rudi's Gluten Free Blog for sharing my most recent holiday article! 

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