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Monday, September 12, 2011

Does your child with Food Allergies have a story to tell? Looking for guest bloggers from a younger perspective...

If your child is going to school with food allergies, I imagine they have a great story to tell!

Starting in October, I would like to present guest blogger stories from kids with food allergies on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  There are so many adults out here telling their stories and sharing advice.  I am always amazed to hear from the kids themselves who are LIVING with food allergies.

I tell my children constantly that 'everyone has some kind of challenge in their life'.   Theirs just happens to be food allergies.  I believe that having differences should not be seen as a reason for embarrassment but as a lucky opportunity to educate others.

I would like to share your children's stories.  No full names would be used.  No pictures, unless you want to include one.  I, personally, post no pictures of my own children but I know that is a very personal decision.  I would love to hear from any age, kindergarten through 12th grade.

Here's how it will work:

1.  You send me a story your child has written or you have helped them write.  If they write it themselves, I will write it just as they have, spelling and grammatical errors included.  I think this adds to the authenticity of the writer.

Here are a few topic ideas:
  • What I like/don't like about having food allergies
  • The positives and/or negatives of having food allergies
  • What I would like my friends to know about food allergies
  • Eating in the school cafeteria with food allergies
  • What it is like to go to school with food allergies
  • How I am treated because I have food allergies
  • A personal story
  • A fiction story about a character with food allergies
  • A motivational article from an an older kid to younger kids about managing food allergies
There are an endless array of possible topics!

2.  I get the story.
3.  Post it.
4.  They get to see their story in print and are filled with pride!

If you are interested, or have further questions, contact me through this blog or directly at

With school just beginning, especially for those just sending their children off to school for the first time, I want to share positive, success stories of how families and kids successfully have navigated their food allergy challenges!

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