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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Treasure Valley Tuesday... deals so great in Boise that I have to share!

Friends and fans...

I am going to start posting bi-weekly or weekly - depending on how great the finds are that I come across, some of the wonderful allergy~friendly deals I find for those of you following from the Boise community.

Here is what I found today at the Grocery Outlet off of Fairview.

              $1.99 - So Delicious Coconut Water Sorbets, Mini Sorbet Bars
              $0.99- Nucoa Margarine in a tub - it doesn't state dairy-free on these tubs but I have called the company and posted a blog a few months ago letting you know about the research I did on the labeling.  These are dairy-free and the price is fabulous.   I use this brand primarily for baking.
              $2.99 - Original Chex Mix - A box of 7 small bags.  These usually run about $5.99 for a box of 7.

               They've also got a lot of gluten-free pasta so stock up, if that's your allergy passion!!

Enjoy while the supplies last!  There are plenty of other deals but these appeal to my milk/egg/peanut/tree-nut free lifestyle!!

Do you know of local businesses that offer great allergy~friendly deals or who you think should be recognized?  Let me know and I'll post about them and their specials/deals or even just all around great service!!


  1. Yeah! Thank you for the link and information. The SO bars are amazing - and at $1.99 I will stock up for summer. I am finding that the more yummy things I can find for my daughter and the whole neighborhood the better!

  2. Glad you find the info helpful! Once more people find out about the deals, they will go quickly. I love these bars too. I think it creates a good sense of pride when they have things they can share with their friends and that their friends enjoy.


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