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Thursday, February 1, 2018

FoodASC Online Workshop - Tips, Tools and Steps to Empowering Yourself and Your Kids to be Better Prepared to Handle Food Allergies

Do your food allergy kids ORDER meals for themselves?  
Do they carry their OWN auto-injectors?  
Do YOUR food allergy kids educate their friends and teachers about their allergies? 

OR, do YOU still do it all for them because you can?

Food allergy kids need the confidence and knowledge that they have the ability to handle any emergency which may come their way, especially a life-threatening one.  
I have come across too many parents who do it ALL for their kids, especially young teens, 
because of THEIR personal fears.  

It's time to empower yourselves and them to become more independent.  

TITLE:  Empowering Children With Food Allergies:  

Passing the Food Allergy Baton OnLine Workshop

Join Dr. Donna DeCosta, physician, author, support group leader, food allergy advocate and the founder of as she leads this educational online workshop.  

Empowering Children With Food Allergies: Passing the Food Allergy Baton - FoodASC

DATE:  February 5 - 26th, 2018

DETAILS:  Learn 3 steps to empowering your child with food allergies to help them to be more resilient, confident and safe in dealing with food allergies in an interactive online course from the comfort of your home!

This unique opportunity ALSO includes:
  • having access to 3 (60) minute pre-recorded calls 
  • joining from the comfort of YOUR own home or convenient location
  • scheduling the calls at YOUR convenience
  • being a part of a private Facebook group which will offer individualized and group communication
  • AND being a part of a charter group aimed at helping other food allergy families


If you haven't done anything new for you or your food allergy kids this year, begin now! 
Join Dr. DeCosta and gain some life changing tools to make life less fearful for you all~


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  1. Daniella, thanks so much for your kind words about my new workshop. I am very excited to be offering this workshop and have lots of strategies and examples to share!


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