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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daniella Knell to Appear on Heart Filled Holidays 25Feb - Fun with Food Allergies

I am thrilled to be a guest on TOGINET Live Internet Talk Radio, Monday, February 25th.

Sandy Fowler, host of
Heart Filled Holidays
I will be joining Heart Filled Holidays host, Sandy Fowler at noon, EST.  Sandy's motto is 'Creating  happiness one celebration at a time'.  Like myself, she enjoys sharing tips and tricks to aid others in destressing their lives.  My focus is around living with food allergies, while she focuses on easing the stress which often comes with holidays and special celebrations.

Food allergies and celebrations?  Can these two really go together well?  I can only hope that our motivating and positive attitudes will be catching.  Should be a fast moving and enjoyable chat!!  

I hope you will join Sandy and me as we share our ideas on how, with some planning and creativeness, food allergies and every day events truly can go hand in hand!

If by chance you can't join us during the LIVE CHAT itself, you can always listen later to the TOGINET PODCAST available afterwards!  

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